Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes I'm still alive and still working out!

What a weekend! Really it was just life in general but it seemed to catch up with me this weekend. I started a post last Thursday night but got about one sentence done and was dozing off so meant to finish it later. Okay - that never happened because the whole weekend kind of went that way. Just trying to catch up around the house and workout and sleep and spend some time with the family got the best of me. Oh well - onward and forward...

I will admit that I haven't been doing too many burpees these past few days. Maybe it is nice to skip those for a bit ;) But I have stayed busy with some other "fun" things. Last Thursday I was in a bit of a funk - feeling frumpy and frustrated so I did a double workout. P90X Plus - Total Body and then Kenpo. Wow - that kind of sweating really gets me going and feeling better! There's one exercise called 1&1 in the Total Body Plus where you spend 2 minutes going back and forth between 1 push-up and 1 pull-up. It's a great one!! I've done that a few times this weekend. Easy and quick but totally works your upper body. I was trying to get my hubby to try it last night. He didn't seem too eager to take me up on that one.

He has however stuck to his word on trying to be more active. We roller-bladed a few times this weekend together. It's not the easiest if all 5 of us go because Jadyn's still a little slow. Sunday afternoon he and boys went together while she & I walked behind them. Last night just Ben & I went - I actually ran and did some speed work. We went just over 2 miles so it was a good warm up for me. 

After that run I went and did P90X Legs & Back - you know... one of my favorites! My legs were a little sore already because Sunday I did Turbo Jam's Kick Punch Jam which I hadn't done in a while. And then doing sprints before leg weights made it even more fun! But it was a great workout. The pull-ups even went well last night! Gotta love that!

Spring Break is fast approaching - find some sort of activity that you can do if you're going on vacation. Just keeping yourself active will help you get back to your typical routine. We'll be spending our spring break with Ben's family in a couple weeks so I'll be letting you know how it works for me. Last year we did the same thing and I took my Turbo Jam dvd's with me. I remember the first night I worked out in his parent's garage. Different setting but I was able to get my workout in!

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