Saturday, March 31, 2012

Working out on vacation

I should've done a post earlier this week on working out while getting ready for vacation! That in itself is difficult! (at least for me)

So we're on a little vacation this week and I'm very excited about it but also plan to keep up with my workouts. Thursday night we drove through the night to Atlanta to spend a day with Ben's brother and family. Since we did arrive early in the day I snuck in Cardio Jam while the guys went to get some groceries and my sister-in-law was at work. After spending the night driving and sleeping in the car it did feel good to be active :) They also have a hot tub so that was a perfect way to recover from both the drive and the workout!

Today we finished the driving and are now in Lakeland for the week with Ben's parents and our niece and nephews. We are looking forward to enjoying time with family that we don't get to see very often. Today's drive was none too pleasant. A good portion of the midwest was also driving south and that made for a long stretch of bumper-to-bumper traffic going into a construction zone. By the time we finally arrived here we were all so glad to be out of the car.

While I'm not going to do a full workout tonight I have already done an Ab workout that I've done before. Hopefully this week I'll find some time to add a spot on my blog for the different at-home workouts I do. But this ab workout is an easy way to fit in some core work at home without any equipment. It has 10 different exercises with 10-20 reps each. It's all floor work so I'll probably do a few standing core exercises after I post this.

How do you fit in your workouts when on vacation? Give me some ideas :)

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