Friday, February 3, 2012

Kenpo Cardio X Plus - woo hoo!

TGIF!! So glad to be to the weekend! It's been a long week and I'm tired. We had another volleyball game - didn't go quite as well today. That's alright - we'll work on some things Monday.

After the game I debated going for another run, but it was getting dark so I decided to go do a cardio workout instead. Kenpo Cardio X Plus sounded fun for a change of pace. It went well until that last set. If you've read most of my posts you might remember me telling you about the "Gladiator" move. One of those double-leg kick things, with a punch at the end. Also in that set are spinning swords - totally dizzy by the time that's done. there's a couple more with kicks that are fun, but then the set ends with high blocks and high knees. You do 8 quick blocks followed by 4 fast high knees. You repeat that for a full minute. Can you say KILLER!!  It gets me every time I do it. And then you repeat that set. But man do I feel good when it's all done.

Of course again tonight I still had to do my burpees. I gave myself a few minutes to try and cool down and then got down to business. I swear I am so slow after a workout. But slow & steady is my mantra until they're done. Tonight was 61 and I did it!! I was feeling whipped by that last one - and sweat was dripping off me, but I did my 61 burpees :)

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Make time for your workout. Plan ahead so you don't run out of time. I'm looking forward to playing volleyball tomorrow afternoon - we'll see how hard we work and if I need to do a regular workout as well. Work hard and do your best!

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