Sunday, January 22, 2012

Multi-tasking... Baking & Working Out

Do you find yourself constantly multi-tasking? I'm sure you do. We all have to just to survive. Often while I'm washing dishes or mixing something while baking I'll be doing leg lifts. Ironing is also a great time for leg lifts. If you're waiting for something to finish baking do some squats. My husband has often had to ask me to stop doing mini workouts when we're talking outside. I just figure if I'm standing there I might as well work some muscle at the same time :)

Anyway, tonight I not only did a few leg lifts while mixing up some banana bread, I started working out while it was in the oven. So between sets I had to check it a couple times and then get it out of the oven. Actually this is why I like being able to go work out most of the time. If I'm home there are too many other things that make it hard to stop working and do a workout.

Tonight was Cardio Jam - my go-to workout if I need to stay home. I was a bit tired when I started and wasn't sure how it would go. But something about this workout always gets me going! I just love it and I don't think it ever gets old!! I wouldn't mind trying a different mix at some point, but this is always a great workout.

And of course, while I was in the shower I realized I hadn't done my burpees yet. Oops!! So after getting into my pj's I did my 49 burpees!! Can you believe we're at 49? We just might have to celebrate tomorrow. I don't know how, but I"ll have to do something fun after I do my 50 burpees. For those of you still with me - hang in there. You're doing AWESOME!!!

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