Monday, January 30, 2012

57 burpees - can you believe it?!!

So it's been quite a day. We've got so much going on at work right now that I'm still having trouble fitting in my burpees before I leave work. At practice I decided to have the girls do the sexy leg workout (I said it was either that or suicides). They really did a good job at it. And I heard a few comments about sore legs when we were done :)

We've got some possible "construction" to come in our basement which means some major cleaning out of stuff. So after making everyone breakfast burritos for supper I headed down to clean. 3 hours later I had to quit but didn't feel like working out at 11:00 pm. I know I should've just done it. But instead I did my 57 burpees along with some ab exercises. I do love coaching but wish I had more free time.

I'm heading to bed as I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. At least Monday is about over. I'm looking forward to hopefully a quieter Tuesday.

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